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"Rest Your Bones is a masterful album packed with instrumental talent, songwriting prowess and the ability to mesmerize in a way not often found in folk music. Crow vs Lion has created a true work of art."

  • Andrew Fenstermaker of Fensepost

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"The real magic lies in the songwriting and the expressive playing. This is excellent folk music that both feels apart of the great tradition of folk and also sounds fresh and modern."

  • David Hintz of Folkworld

This is a panel from the album
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"Crow vs Lion is quiet, indie folk-rock at its best."

  • Jessica Selby of Origivation Magazine 

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 "If you like your folk music to sound a little bit off of the norm then Crow vs Lion is for you." 

  • C.W. Ross of Indie Stop Music

Photo by Josh Britton
Peace Valley Park #theheartthetimethepen

"Ultimately, you’ll get out of Crow vs Lion what you’re willing to put into it.”

  • Mike Elliott of Americana UK


Waking The Truth - Track #6 from the Time section. Video by John Dell'Osa (2DHTfilms)

Entropy - Track #7 from the Time section. Video by John Dell'Osa (2DHTfilms)

Waking The Truth + Entropy = 13

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